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Salem State Arts Awards and Highlights

Spring 2021 end-of-year highlights

In the past year, students in art + designmusic and dancetheatre and speech communication, and English creative writing programs have transformed the uncertainty and chaos brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic into inspiring works of art. Breaking through virtual limitations, our arts students, seniors especially, have created special works that reflect their talent, skill and ability to adapt. We invite you to view these spring 2021 highlights of our Salem State students studying dance, music, theatre, art + design, and creative writing:

Creativity Awards

Congratulations to the 2021 Creativity Award recipients! The Center for Creative and Performing Arts will present its 40th annual Creativity Awards virtually on Friday, May 21 on Vimeo. This annual celebration of the arts and creativity will recognize 10 students for their artistic achievement and commitment to their craft:

  • Clifmon Leroy, art + design
  • Michael Simpson, art + design
  • Dylan Deforge, creative writing
  • Kayma Snook, creative writing
  • Abbie White, dance
  • Molly Quinn, dance
  • Annabelle Dionne, music
  • J Lyons, music
  • Christopher Raul Vega, theatre
  • Parker Goodreau, theatre

As part of the 2021 Creativity Awards, the CCPA is also recognizing the Essex County Community Foundation’s Creative County Initiative and their support of local artists during the pandemic. 

Art + Design


Listen to our student music ensembles' spring recordings.


Creative Writing


Congratulations to the team behind the Salem State Theatre department’s performance of “Long Christmas Ride Home,” which won 13 awards at the Kennedy Center National Festival.


Learn more about the Center for Creative and Performing Arts, as well as our academic programs in art + designmusic and dancetheatre and speech communication, and English.

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