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The Power of Unrestricted Giving

Unrestricted support has long been the lifeblood of Salem State’s fundraising efforts, providing flexibility for the university to move quickly and decisively in support of an affordable, life-changing education. For example, as COVID-19 fears remain and our students face growing health and economic concerns, the university has been able to respond immediately to their changing needs.

The Salem State University Foundation Board of Directors was able to allocate a $10,000 match to the Student Emergency Fund during our third annual giving day, Viking Warrior Day, because of unrestricted financial resources.

As of June 30, 2020, the Student Emergency Fund raised $162,713, giving 198 students the support they need during these trying times.

“My parents still work very hard in order to make enough money to help me but sometimes it doesn’t feel like I will make it,” shares Hilary, a healthcare studies major and Student Emergency Fund recipient from Fall River, Mass. “The help of the Student Emergency Fund has given my family and me a push. A push to continue my dream of having a future in the medical field and I couldn’t be any more grateful for those who are here to help us students succeed. Thank you!”

In addition, Jake Cotter ’12 from Prospective Research, Inc. and a member of the Salem State University Alumni Association, directed his Viking Warrior Day matching gift toward the annual unrestricted fund, encouraging young alumni to support their alma mater.

“I am grateful to donors to the annual fund and unrestricted giving in particular as it shows a real trust that Salem State is doing all we can for our students,” shares Lori Boudo, director of Annual Giving at Salem State.

We are unable to foreshadow all that we face in the future and unrestricted giving represents a donor’s faith in the university and its ability to evolve and deliver on a 21st-century vision of student success.

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