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Paid Internships

A win-win for students, employers

"I have two passions in life: assisting youth and investing in education," says Rob Lutts.

Lutts pursues these dual interests as a longtime Salem State University trustee and donor. The founder, president and chief investment officer of Cabot Wealth Management also hires paid interns from the university year after year, enabling them to gain valuable experience at his renowned Salem-based firm.

In addition to helping students, Lutts has also expanded his support for youth and education by funding internships at the local YMCA, enabling the nonprofit agency to benefit from Vikings' know-how. Lutts calls these diverse internship arrangements a win-win for students and organizations.

"Ultimately, internships achieve more than benefitting businesses," Lutts emphasizes. "They're also key for students, allowing them to get real-world experience, build up their resumes before they graduate and earn a wage.

Lauren Hubacheck, the university's assistant dean of student experience and transition, agrees with Lutts wholeheartedly. "Many of our students have been working for years in other jobs, they already have the grit, the work ethic, and the dedication. Paid internships provide a glimpse into a field that they may have never experienced before. We let employers know that in order for Salem State students to take on an experience to gain skills, they need the opportunity to be paid."

"Nonprofits typically don't have the funds available to pay an intern," says Stephen Maser, associate director of employee relations in Salem State's career services office. "In cases like these, we rely on philanthropy to make sure that students can participate in these fields while receiving financial support."

For these reasons, Hubacheck views leaders like Rob Lutts as role models. "Rob and Cabot Wealth Management offer a great example of what's possible when businesses and individuals provide our students with opportunities, we achieve great things when companies and individuals hire our exceptional students for internships-or provide a gift that enables paid internships. Salem State students and our community thrive with our collective support."

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