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Important message about staying connected and payroll processing

Employees have a responsibility to stay informed on university business, check-in with their supervisors on a regular basis, read their emails and listen to their voicemails. You can also stay informed by visiting the university’s webpage.

It’s important that you continue to submit your payroll information in SSTA to ensure timely payment  During March 16 through April 12, please follow the instructions for your position type as outlined below.

Faculty (including adjunct faculty)—There is no need to do anything different. Your pay will process as usual.

Timesheets—As these forms, which are available in Polaris, are still submitted for faculty using SIC and some C09 employees, please send them electronically to All outstanding timesheets are due by 10 am on Thursday to ensure payment.

Benefited administrators and staff who enter their time in SSTA (AFSCME, APA and NUP employees)—Please follow the normal time entry schedule. Enter your weekly time by 5 pm on Thursday. Supervisors must approve time by noon on Friday. Please adhere to the following codes:

  • REG if you’re working remotely
  • REG if you’re working on campus and enter comments “Work on campus – COVID-19 essential” if applicable
  • SIC, VAC, PER, CMT, or FMLA—as usual for hours already requested and had previously been approved to take off
  • SKE (non-weather emergency leave paid)—if you’re not working remotely and your supervisor agrees that you cannot perform your duties remotely

C09 Contracted Employees and Students Other than Work Study Students

Note: Through March 27, the university will provide pay at regular rates for the normal work schedule. Follow the instructions below. After March 27, pay will be dependent on your ability to perform work as assigned by your supervisor, in which case you would report time as you ordinarily did before the university transitioned to remote operations.

  • Coaches—There is no need to do anything differently. Your pay will process as usual.
  • Contracted employees WITH a weekly schedule—Please enter the hours you are regularly scheduled to work in your timesheet.
  • Contracted employees WITHOUT a weekly schedule—Please enter the hours you would normally be expected to work during this time of year for your supervisor to review and approve.
  • As possible, please work remotely during this timeframe, including volunteering for different duties as you are able and the university may need, based on communication with your supervisor.

Work Study Students—The Department of Education is currently allowing enrolled students receiving Federal Work Study (FWS) at a campus that must close due to COVID-19, or for an FWS student who is employed by an employer that closes as a result of COVID-19, to be paid during that closure under certain conditions. To ensure timely payment, please enter the hours you were regularly scheduled to work in your timesheet.

Supervisors, please make sure that when you review your employees’ timesheets you approve hours that are in line with normally anticipated schedules.

The deadlines for submitting and approving time remains the same. Hours should be entered in the SSTA timesheet by 5 pm on Thursday and supervisors should approve time by noon on Friday every week.

Paper paychecks issued on March 20 and April 3 will be mailed to the employee’s home from the State Treasurer’s office.

Thank you for your cooperation in following this guidance as it will assist the human resources and payroll staff with processing your pay in an efficient and smooth manner during the suspension of campus activities. Thank you for your understanding as we all work together to navigate these challenging times.

Theresa McDonald
Payroll Manager


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