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Continuing to thrive on Viking resilience

Dear campus community,

As we wrap up a week of unprecedented events, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to our students, faculty and staff for the leadership you have shown. You have been flexible, understanding and adaptable. I have always admired the resilience that is inherent in our Viking community, and clearly this resilience will not be broken by this unprecedented situation.

While recording our Accepted Students Day video in lieu of the April 4 planned event for prospective students, I also took the opportunity to record the community message found on our coronavirus preparedness page.

While I am hopeful that the future will not present another crisis of this magnitude, I do know that our students will enter a workforce that is unpredictable and requires the ability to adapt. In these challenging times, I am further convinced that the determination our students exhibit will serve them well as professionals and active community members. Equally inspiring and quite remarkable has been the response and willingness of faculty and staff to transition to a remote environment in a matter of days with a can-do agility. While a challenging transition for us all, I am proud of the way our community has come together and I’m confident that this too will serve our campus well in the long run.

While moving to remote learning is not how any of us envisioned closing out the semester—and for some, completing their senior year—the health of our community has called for it.

Thank you for showing the resilience and spirit that make me so proud to lead this institution.

John D. Keenan


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