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Center for Civic Engagement's Senior Program Assistant William Scanlan Named 2021 Student Employee of the Year

Each year the Salem State Student Employment Office accepts nominations for student employees who demonstrate reliability, initiative, quality of work, and a positive disposition. The Center for Civic Engagement is thrilled to announce their Senior Program Assistant and now SSU Political Science alumni, William Scanlan is named the 2020-2021 Student Employee of the Year. William has shown remarkable skills and dedication to his position and has made a positive impact in the CCE and across campus.

Over the last four years William has been educating his fellow students and community members about elections, community issues, and the importance of voting as part of the advocacy process. The opportunity to lead advocacy education workshops in classes provided William with the unwavering dedication to help students find the appropriate tools to advocate for themselves and their greater communities. In his role, he has been able to mentor and train new program assistants and civic fellows as they work on important advocacy projects within the university and community.

William has assisted with major events and programs out of the CCE including several political programs, Advocacy Week, Just in Time Advocacy Initiatives, Hall of Fame, and more recently, he led the Fred E Berry Institute of Politics summer scholarship application process.

William has been with the CCE since its founding and has assisted in the development of the center and what they offer our campus community to this day. We are extremely proud of all that William has accomplished and we can’t wait to see him continue to be a source of positive change in our communities!

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Katelyn Adams
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