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Advocacy Week 2021: Advocacy Actions You Can Take

Check out these advocacy actions presented by our speakers at Advocacy Week

This spring, the Center for Civic Engagement hosted our 4th annual Advocacy Day, reimagined into Advocacy Week

This post contains an overview of the week, including specific Advocacy Actions provided by the speakers. Some of these contain specific legislative bills that are supported by the corresponding speaker. If you want to advocate for these bills, you can call or email your elected official in Massachusetts to ask them to support them. Find the contact information for your elected official.

Mental Health

Mental Health Advocacy Actions

Access to Care

  • An Act for supportive care for serious mental illness (SD1789 / HD3587)

  • An Act to better coordinate suicide prevention services, behavioral health crisis care and emergency services through 988 implementation (SD2065 / HD2692)

Criminal Legal Reform

  • An Act to ensure the constitutional rights and human dignity of prisoners on mental health watch (SD 2386 / HD3974)

  • An Act To Create Alternatives For Community Emergency Services (Aces) (SD2352 / HD3807)


  • An Act promoting housing stability and homelessness prevention in Massachusetts (SD1906 / HD2441)

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Immigrant Rights

Advocacy Actions

End Prevention Through Deterrence and Operation Streamline

Massachusetts Safe Communities Act (SD.532 / HD.1165)

Massachusetts Work and Family Mobility Act (S.2641 / H.3012


Climate Justice

Advocacy Actions

Support Mass Renews Priority Bills:

Get involved in Salem’s Sunrise Movement!

  • Sunrise Salem is currently looking for students who want to get involved and students interested in taking on leadership roles!

  • Email Joey Wologevicz at 

  • Instagram: @sunrisemvmtsalem

  • Twitter: @sunrisesalem


Gender Discrimination

Advocacy Actions

PEAR Program

Massachusetts Healthy Youth Act (SD.2178 / HD.3454)


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