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Visitor and Special Events Parking


Visitor and Special Events Parking

Visitor Parking

Short-term visitors to the university are allowed to park in designated areas or other areas as directed by university police officers. Visitor passes may be obtained by contacting the university police department. All visitor cars must have passes displayed. Visitor passes can be requested in advance with at least 48 hours notice, less than 48 hours notice you will be required to visit the police station in person to obtain the visitor pass. 


All visitor passes will require the following information with no exceptions:

  • Date of visit
  • Time of visit 
  • Person or department
Location to be visited
  • Contact name and number of the driver of vehicle
  • Vehicle info to include plate, make, model, and color 

Please email with any questions or requests for passes.

Salem State University is committed to equal accommodation and access for students, staff and visitors, and encourages all to participate in its programs and activities. People who anticipate needing accommodations due to a disability, or who have questions about access, may contact disability services at


Any visitor vehicles in violation of parking or operating rules and regulations may be subject to citation and/or towing.


Salem State University assumes no responsibility for damage to any vehicle or its contents for any cause, including towing for violation of rules and regulations. Visitor parking is at the operator's risk.

Special Events Parking

Certain events and functions at the university require special parking arrangements. In such cases, the interested group or department should direct correspondence to the university police parking email: University police staff will review the specific request and contact the individual making the request to seek additional information and discuss specific requirements if necessary. During special events, portions of a parking lot or entire parking areas may be closed to the university community. We ask the university community to seek parking in one of our additional lots and utilize the shuttle service.

Move-In, Move-Out Periods

During normal move-in and move-out periods, such as the beginning of the fall semester, beginning and ending of the holiday break and the end of the spring semester, allowance will be made for the loading and unloading of personal possessions in areas usually banned to parking up to a maximum of 30-minutes per vehicle. Information may be obtained from the university police. During these times, vehicles must not be parked so as to block fire lanes, fire hydrants, handicap spaces, or in a manner that restricts the flow of normal traffic.

Additional Parking Information

Salem State University has a limited permitted parking areas available on each of its five campuses. Please note that construction projects, traffic, weather, and other factors affect the availability of parking. All vehicles parked on university property must be properly permitted, including non-metered guest parking.

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