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Why Get Involved in Research?


Why Get Involved in Research?

Undergraduate research, including the pursuit of creative productions, is an opportunity to make the most of your college experience, to develop relationships with faculty and others in your area of specialization, explore a subject you are passionate about, and to demonstrate what sets you apart when applying for positions in your field or when applying for graduate programs.

This kind of research is a serious undertaking—more than the completion of another classroom assignment. Such projects take longer to complete than ordinary assignments, are held to a higher standard, and are shared with others in the academic community. There are many ways to become involved in undergraduate research. For some majors, the completion of a significant capstone project is a requirement. Some students serve as research assistants for faculty members and become co-authors on publications. And students in the Commonwealth Honors Program must complete an honors thesis as part of the program requirements. If you are interested in getting involved in undergraduate research and are unsure where to begin, consult our resources for conducting student research and speak to your academic advisor.

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