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The major in Interdisciplinary Studies offers intellectually curious students two specialized concentrations in American Studies or Peace and Conflict Studies as well as a self-designed option. These interdisciplinary fields of study are regularly available to students at private or elite universities but less frequently at public regional ones. We are here to change that while ensuring that our graduates leave Salem State with critical 21st century skills, training and experiences which allow them to compete with peers from around the nation and around the world.

All Interdisciplinary Studies majors take departmental courses augmented by courses drawn from across the campus. Our dynamic but flexible programs in American Studies and Peace and Conflict Studies prepare students to launch careers and lives fully engaged in issues of social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion, global and local policy work and social change while also preparing them for a wide array of graduate programs. Carefully scaffolded courses of study ground all of our Interdisciplinary Studies majors in the integrative work of interdisciplinarity, while providing top-notch training in the well-established fields of either American Studies or Peace and Conflict Studies.

Additionally, we offer students unique opportunities to do civic engagement and study abroad as part of their major. For students seeking a robust interdisciplinary major other than these two concentrations, our self-designed option offers a way for a first or second year student to construct (with departmental approval) an individualized program rooted in our department’s core/required courses. Interdisciplinary Studies major alumni include award-winning educators, social service leaders, museum professionals, Ph.D. students, activists, global NGO workers, and entrepreneurs among others. This major is an excellent complement to a second major in a variety of fields including education.

[Note: The self-designed option within the Interdisciplinary Studies major is different in scope and intended audience from our Liberal Studies major.

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