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Geological Sciences at Salem State is a learning community of faculty, students, and staff engaged in the teaching and application of knowledge in every major area of the geological sciences. We offer over 25 courses, including spring and summer field courses in Nevada and Montana. An undergraduate degree in geological sciences is an excellent springboard for pursuing other graduate disciplines, such as environmental law, forensic science, archeology, land use planning, coastal zone management and more.

Why Study Geology at Salem State?

  • Small classes, usually <12 in upper level classes
  • Wide range of undergraduate concentrations
  • Friendly, accessible faculty
  • Excellent employment and graduate school opportunities
  • Many class related field trips
  • Undergraduate research mentored by faculty
  • Chance to work and learn outdoors
  • Learn using state of the art equipment and technology
  • Become part of a small close-knit group and make life-long friends
  • Become knowledgeable and effective stewards of our natural environment

Degree Programs

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