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Distinguished Teaching Award

Salem State University’s roots are as a teacher’s college and it proudly distinguishes itself as a teaching university today. The Distinguished Teaching Award publicly acknowledges the core mission of the university through recognition of those faculty members who have profoundly inspired and engaged our students. Although only two faculty members are recognized each year, one tenure-track and one non-tenure track, the award is intended to honor all educators at Salem State who are committed to teaching excellence.      

  • One award for recognition of a tenure-track faculty member (tenured or non-tenured)
  • One award for recognition of non-tenure-track line or part-time faculty members
  • Awarded annually

All students, faculty, librarians, administrators, staff and alumni are eligible to nominate a current faculty member. No self-nominations will be accepted. 


Faculty members who have worked at the university for the preceding two consecutive years or more (successive fall/spring semesters) and have not won the award in the previous 7 years. Must be teaching either the fall of 2018, the spring of 2019 or both. Nominations may be deferred to the next academic year if the faculty member is on sabbatical the year of the award.

Nominees who choose to participate will be asked to submit a teaching portfolio that will be reviewed by a selection committee that is comprised a faculty member from each college and division of the university, a librarian and the director of the Center for Teaching Innovation.   


Recipients receive a $3,000 stipend and an original, glass-blown commemoration of the award. They are recognized at commencement and convocation, sitting with the platform party at each event, with the award presented at convocation. 


Portfolio Description
Consent Form
Example Student Survey
Portfolio Review Rubric
Classroom Observation Form


  • Eligible candidate may be nominated by any member of the SSU community
  • One nomination is sufficient for consideration
  • Nominations will be solicited at the end of the spring semester via e-mail to all the major e-mail lists on campus with initial nominations collected via an online form.
  • Nominees who choose to participate would be asked to submit a portfolio by the beginning of September of the next academic year (see portfolio description) 
  • In addition to reviewing the portfolio the Selection Committee will:
    • solicit nomination letters from two students who are listed by the nominee
    • collect a teaching proficiency survey from two sections of a class selected by the nominee  
    • Observe one or more (but not more than two) classes of the nominee

The selection committee will review nominations, observe classes and analyze student surveys to determine the two recipients of the award. The selection committee will include:

  1. A librarian
  2. Faculty member from Continuing Education
  3. Faculty member from the Graduate School
  4. Faculty member from the College of Arts and Sciences
  5. Faculty member from the Bertolon School of Business
  6. Faculty member from the School of Education
  7. Faculty member from the College of Health and Human Services
  8. Adjunct faculty member from the College of Arts and Sciences 
  • Call for nominations in April 
  • Nominees notified by beginning of May
  • Nominees return consent form by end of May
  • Portfolios due October 1
  • Surveys distributed electronically to 2 classes in fall of next academic year
  • Student letters solicited fall semester
  • Award winners notified by first week of April
  • Recognition at commencement
  • Award given at convocation 
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