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Support for Publishing, Presenting, and Public Scholarship


Support for Publishing, Presenting, and Public Scholarship

Salem State faculty present their research and creative activities nationally and internationally, through conferences, symposia, exhibitions, workshops, round tables, and performances. Participation in these events allow faculty to keep current in their fields, engage with and influence intellectual, social, and artistic developments globally and locally, and bring innovative theories and practices to the campus and their students.

Our faculty are also widely published in fields as diverse as criminal justice, sports movement science, history, and English, to name but a few; from single-author books and edited volumes to academic journals and op-ed pieces, traditional print media to open-access formats, faculty make an impact through their publications.

Salem State faculty serve as public intellectuals, regionally, nationally and internationally, sharing their expertise and insight on topics ranging from immigration to marine ecology. Increasingly, faculty participate in community-based research which engages stakeholders across the region.

Please contact Elizabeth T. Kenney, Executive Director for the Center for Research and Creative Activities or Michele L. Louro, CRCA Faculty Fellow

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