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Vikings: Apply to the Student Government Association!

SGA seeking new senators, assistant treasurer

The Salem State Student Government Association has several open positions and invites Vikings to apply. Serving on the SGA provides an excellent opportunity for students to get involved on campus and provide a unique perspective, as well as to make social progression and get a first-hand perspective of the inner workings of a lot of the decision-making.

Assistant Treasurer

The assistant treasurer of SGA acts in assistance to SGA’s treasurer to coordinate between SGA and other student organizations regarding funds for the organizations, to oversee the financial transactions of student organizations, to document and maintain all financial history of student organizations including SGA, as well as in their duties as the Chairperson of the Finance Committee. The Treasurer is also graduating at the end of the Fall 2022 semester, so the Assistant Treasurer would automatically be promoted to Treasurer for the Spring 2022 semester.


Additionally, SGA is also looking for other students for senator positions. Senators get the opportunity to express student opinion and provide student services for the student body at Salem State, vote on essential actions such as financial allocations for student organizations, the recognition of student organizations, and the appointment of members to Student Government, both the Senate and Executive Board, as well as participate on Student Government committees where activism would be undertaken to create social change on campus.

Schedule an Interview to Apply

If students are interested, please email either or the President Grace Sotis at to schedule an appointment to be interviewed for the assistant treasurer role or a senator role, or to find out any other information.

Grace Sotis
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