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Viking Valentines: Stacy Ott ’15G and Samantha Walsh ‘14G

Stacy Ott ‘15G sat in her Human Behavior class at Salem State University, debating grad school and her future. It only took Samantha Walsh ‘14G stepping into the classroom, tired and confused from the Boston traffic into Salem, to answer both of these questions for her.

It was at that moment Stacy decided that graduate school just might be for her. The following night, Stacy was sitting in the back row of her second class and just like the previous night, scurrying through the door was a frazzled, anxious and out of breath Samantha. Stacy shook her head, laughing to herself, and Samantha smiled and sat down a few rows in front of her.

As the semester progressed, Samantha and Stacy slowly ended up sitting next to each other in the back row of both their classes, doing group work together and discussing assignments.

Finally, in mid-October with their shared classes reaching an end, Stacy asked the same question that she asked Samantha every class: “You owe me a drink. When are you taking me for a drink?”

For the first time, Samantha suggested they go out rather than push off the invitation once again. The two went to BeerWorks (No. 2 Salem) for drinks and spent the night hanging out.

As the night ended, Stacy walked Samantha to her car with the hopes of getting a goodnight kiss. That didn’t happen, and Stacy drove home confused and uncertain. But a simple, “Did you get home safely?” text was enough, and the two have not stopped texting since.

Stacy Ott and Samantha Walsh got married on August 31, 2017.

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