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Viking Spotlight: Daneé Allen '19, Criminal Justice

Daneé Allen '19
Major: Criminal justice
Hometown: New Haven, CT
Campus Involvement: Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society, Alpha Phi Sigma National Criminal Justice Honor Society, President, Criminal Justice Academy, Research Assistant, Shannon Community Safety Initiative

What attracted you to Salem State's criminal justice program?

Salem State's Criminal Justice program felt like a great fit when I had the opportunity to speak with the professors during my campus tour. They were extremely friendly and open to answering any questions I had regarding the different paths available when obtaining a criminal justice degree.

Why did you choose a 4+1 program over a traditional 4-year degree?

I believe the criminal justice 4+1 program was the perfect choice for me because not only did I save a year of education, but I also saved money. As an independent student, this opportunity was too perfect to pass up. Combining my undergraduate and graduate degree programs allowed me to grow in many ways. I learned time management skills and received a head start in working in the field that I love. 

Was there a particular faculty member or class that had a lasting impact on you?

Professor Forrest Rogers made my time at Salem State very exciting and eye-opening. The way he cared for his student's success was very apparent. He gave effective feedback on every paper I submitted and really took the time to understand my learning style. Professor Rogers was such an essential part of my success at Salem State.

Was there a specific out-of-classroom learning experience that was especially significant to your career preparation?

As a criminal justice major, research was imperative, as students were required to analyze data and use critical thinking when writing papers. Moreover, I had the opportunity to serve as a research assistant for the Shannon Community Safety Initiative, which helped me understand different community involvement factors in crime.

My adult probation internship helped me learn more about criminal databases, case management, and needs-based assessments. All of these skills are essential for many different positions and roles in the criminal justice system.

What's one of the most exciting professional opportunities you've had since graduating?

One of the most exciting professional opportunities I've had since graduating is establishing a juvenile delinquency prevention program in my hometown. This program provides inner-city youth with opportunities and services that meet their personal needs, from the basics to college readiness and academic preparation.

What surprised you the most about the criminal justice program at Salem State?

What surprised me most about the criminal justice program at Salem State was the excellent faculty and staff. Every professor in the courses I enrolled in had such great knowledge of the subject matter and effectively used their office hours.

What advice do you have for prospective students thinking about studying criminal justice at Salem State?

Some advice I would give prospective students would be to get to know your professors. They care about your success, especially when you demonstrate that you care for yourself. Take advantage of their office hours and use that one on one time to gain a deeper understanding of course material.

Where has your degree taken you since graduating?

My degree has taken me a few places since graduating. I've been able to implement at-risk youth programs in public schools in my city and soon may have a position as a U.S. Probation officer.

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