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Viking Profile: Adrian Lebron-Hernandez '25

The Road to Salem State

Originally from Madrid, Spain, Adrian Lebron-Hernandez ‘25 moved to Haverhill seven years ago and then transferred from Northern Essex Community College. 

“Before transferring, I guess I expected I would be doing the process a lot more on my own, but I’ve had a great support network here. My professors are always available. I’ve felt really accepted.” he said about his transition period into Salem State University. 

Finding His Majors

Like many incoming students, it took time for Adrian to find a major that was the right fit, or in his case, majors. After exploring biology, he recalls a time of retrospection where he reached out to his professors for some guidance and was able to pivot to a double major in French and English. 

“The language that you speak really changes your perspective on the world. I noticed that when I first moved here. Everytime I learn a new language I see the world differently.” Adrian commented on the topic of being trilingual. 

Originally, he thought about a career as a political translator with the United Nations or the European Union. However, his passion for writing combined with his love of language has led him to pursue a career as a literary translator instead. 

“Keep practicing,” Adrian advised incoming language students, “learning a new language is hard, don’t stop practicing.” 

What’s Next?

After graduation Adrian plans to follow yet another dream and publish his own fantasy fiction and mystery novels. 

Look for this Viking at commencement in 2025, and then on the bookshelves. 

Learn more about the World Languages and Cultures Department at Salem State. 


Ronnette Wongus
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