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University Police: Vikings Act Responsibly

A message from Chief Labonte and City of Salem Police Chief King

Dear Students:

Welcome back to campus and to the greater Salem community! You have received a lot of information regarding COVID-19, so we will get right to the point of this message, which is of the utmost importance.

Please do not party on campus, in the surrounding neighborhoods, or in town this fall. For the good of the Salem State University community and for the good of our home city of Salem, please act responsibly and abide by all university rules, city ordinances and Public Health Orders regarding COVID-19. The size of gatherings, both indoor and outdoor, is regulated by the guidelines published by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. At any gathering, on campus or within the city, everyone must wear face coverings and maintain physical distancing. Face coverings must be worn in public. 

Please talk with friends and classmates about how to socialize responsibly. We have seen universities across the country reverse course for a simple, preventable reason: students partied, and people got sick. By acting responsibly, wearing face coverings and physically distancing, you can do your part to keep others healthy. It is a great way to show respect to those who make Salem State and the city of Salem the great communities that we all are privileged to enjoy.

Aside from COVID-19 guidelines, please be mindful that the university is surrounded by residential neighborhoods. Demonstrate respect for your neighbors by limiting disruptive behavior, keeping neighborhoods clean, and respecting the parking and traffic regulations on city streets. The Salem Police Department and Salem State University Police Department work collaboratively to monitor activity in neighborhoods adjacent to the city. We utilize proactive policing strategies to deter and respond to disruptive behavior. All university students are expected to follow all federal and state laws, all city ordinances, and any state regulations or orders associated with COVID-19. Our departments work closely with the dean of students office and community standards. Any law violations or disruptive behavior will be reported to community standards for review and possible sanctions as if they occurred on campus.

You are starting this fall semester amidst unprecedented circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These circumstances present you with unique challenges and require you to be extremely conscious of your actions both on-campus and off-campus. Please remember as a student at Salem State University, you are both a member of the university community as well as the larger Salem community.

As proud alumni of Salem State, we value the relationship between the university and the city. We are committed to ensuring that during these unique circumstances you remain safe and healthy and have a positive college experience. Do your part to act responsibly and keep your fellow Vikings and the greater community safe!


Gene Labonte ’89                                                                  
Assistant Vice President                                                                    
Chief of Police                                                                        


Dennis King ’00, ’09G
Chief of Police
City of Salem



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