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A Trip From the Past: Holocaust Exhibit Teaches Salem State Students Lessons for the Present

An exhibition of ShadowLight’s The Cattle Car at the Salem State University’s North Campus Quad

"A worn-down railroad car sitting on Salem State University’s campus Thursday morning served as a chilling call to stop hate in its tracks.

The weathered wooden and steel cattle cart was like those once seen traveling across Europe in the early to mid-20th century. Inside, slim peaks of sunlight came in through the cart’s thin clapboard walls and floors, becoming the only source of light for Professor Christopher Mauriello and his history class once the heavy door slammed shut."

An article was featured in The Salem News about this ShadowLight exhibition being displayed at Salem State University.

"That’s why the organization Hate Ends Now brings this 360-degree multimedia educational exhibit across the country. Partnering with ShadowLight, NCSY and Salem State’s Civic Engagement Center, the replica cattle cart showed Salem State students the horrors Jews and other victims suffered during the Holocaust, and why they must always stand up to hate."

Read the article. 

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