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Tri-Alpha First-Generation Honor Society Initiates First Cohort

Salem State University has initiated 131 students (sophomore – graduate) into the national first-generation honor society, Alpha Alpha Alpha (Tri-Alpha). 

Founded in 2018 at Moravian University in Pennsylvania, Tri-Alpha currently hosts 175 chapters across the country, recognizing the academic achievements of college students who are among the first in their family to attend college. College students are considered first-generation if neither parent has achieved a four-year bachelor’s degree.  Initiates were presented with a membership pin, certificate, and cords to wear at commencement during the ceremony.  Due to the high number of students at Salem State University, the ceremony was split into two time periods to allow family members and loved ones to join.

The Epsilon Rho chapter of Tri-Alpha was established at Salem State University in 2022 to draw attention to, and honor, the remarkable success of first-generation undergraduate and graduate students who have achieved distinction in their academic efforts.  President John Keenan and Provost David Silva spoke at the ceremonies, highlighting the university’s pride in all students have accomplished. They shared that there are hundreds of first-generation students on the university campus who share the same challenges and successes that the initiates do, and that we are stronger when we come together, share our experiences, and support one another.

In addition, co-advisor Professor Elizabeth Duclos-Orsello (Interdisciplinary Studies) welcomed faculty, staff, and librarians into the society who were first-generation at the time they received their undergraduate degrees:  Charla L. Bouranis (Sport and Movement Science), Lee A. Brossoit (Center for Academic Excellence), Mathew Chetnik, (Tri-Alpha co-advisor; Student Success and the First Year Experience), Alexandria Peary (English), Karin T. Rhodes (English), and Jamie J. Wilson (History).

While being initiated, members echoed the pledge to “accept the responsibility of helping others as you have been helped, or as you perhaps wish you had been helped, to serve as mentors and guides for the next group of students to set food on a college campus, as the first in their family or circle of friends.”

To learn more on how you can get involved with Tri-Alpha, email

2023 Initiates

Katie Adamson, Social Work (MSW)
Rachel Allen, Business Administration
Noelle Anthony, Biology
Tony Arsenault, Art
Jacqueline Bagnera, Social Work (MSW)
Kriza Baldow, Biology
Kara Bendanillo, Sociology
Raquel Bendezu, Early Childhood Ed (M.Ed.)
Sandra Bobowski, Special Education (M.Ed.)
Madison Bodreau, School Counseling (M.Ed.)
Maggie Bowen, Psychology-BS
Katielyn Burke, Sport & Movement Science
Emma Cabral, Eduducation Early Childhood (Combined BS-M.Ed.)
Tyler Cafarelli, Criminal Justice
Chad Callahan, Psychology
Gio Calvarese, School Counseling (M.Ed.)
Tammy Cantillon, Nursing (MSN)
Lidia Capelo, Education
Alfonso Carbo, Business Administration
Ana Cardenes, Art
Courtney Carrick, Social Work (MSW)
Blanca Castro, Nursing
Sarah Cook, Biology-BS
Rachael Corrao, Business Administration
Michael Cosco, Business Administration
Elaina Curtis, Higher Education in Student Affairs (M.Ed.)
Kayla Defeo, Psychology
Lily DelloIacono, Nursing
Patrick Delva, Counseling & Psych Srvs (MS)
Shariany DelValle, Healthcare Studies
Brandon DeOliveira, Economics
Amy Desroches, Social Work
Alec Deurloo, Business - Accounting (Combined BS/MS)
Siobhan Eaton, Counseling (MS)
Natalie Fenoff, English / Geography
Lynn Fletcher, Business - Accounting (Combined BS/MS)
David Fodera, Media & Communication
Jacob Fournier, Counseling & Psych Srvs (MS)
Rachel Gagnon, Business Administration
Jose Garcia, Social Work (MSW)
Krystal Giffen, Social Work
Brunilda Gjimara, Social Work Advanced Standing (MSW)
Desiree Graffeo, Criminal Justice
Mackenzie Gray, Social Work (MSW)
Brian Gregory, Social Work (MSW)
Abigail Guillama, Social Work
Lee Heredia, English Speakers of Other Languanges (MAT)
LeighaMae Hubisz, Biology
Tatianna Iacoviello, Social Work Advanced Standing (MSW)
Emily Iascone, Nursing
Withza JeanPierreLouis, Nursing (MSN)
Deidra Jefferson, Higher Education in Student Affairs (M.Ed.)
Stephanie Jolibois, Biology
Triomphe Kanyeba, Social Work
Madison Kasputis, Psychology
Nicole Knowles, Mathematics (Combined BS-M.Ed., Teacher Education)
Lindsay Kruzlic, History (MA), Holocaust and Genocide Studies
Kimberlyn Larios, Nursing
Marie Laroche Ledix, Nursing
Joelle L 'Heureux, Social Work
Kasey Libby, Behavior Analysis (MS)
Sabrina Lopes, Political Science
Yancy Lopez Menjivar, Nursing
Matthew Mailhot, English (Combined BA-MA)
Mya Maisoneuve, Political Science
Tricia Manning, Art
Lilianna Marcil, Psychology
Bill Maronn, Social Work (MSW)
Lorimer Mateo Rondon, Business Administration
Melissa McCarthy, Social Work
Alba Melendez, Nursing
Deanna Melendez, Occupational Therapy (MS)
Chantel Mendonca, Education Early Childhood (Combined BS-M.Ed.) / Psychology
Kevin Merino-Rivas, History (Combined BA-M.Ed., Teacher Education)
Melissa Mogauro, Early Childhood Education (M.Ed.)
Jennifer Moody, Education
Kristin Neidig, Social Work (MSW)
Jonathan Nguyen, Business Administration
David Nicastro, Psychology
Michael Nicholson, Physical Education (MAT)
Jennifer Ocana, Occupational Therapy (MS)
Cassie Oldham, Criminal Justice
Yanelis Ortiz Aquino, Social Work (MSW)
Megan O'Shea, History (Combined BA-M.Ed., Teacher Education)
Amaryllis Osorio, Nursing
Jennifer Ouk, Biology
Kerry Pappas, Occupational Health Studies
Kayla Pennimpede, Business Administration
Katie Perry, Nursing
Pandorah Peterson, Criminal Justice
Josue Piccirillo, Criminal Justice (MS)
Sammi Piemonte, Biology
Stephanie Pierce, Psychology
Richard Powers, History (Combined BA-M.Ed., Teacher Education)
Emmanuel Quiroz, Higher Education in Student Affairs (M.Ed.)
Neily Rodriguez Ponce, Spanish (MAT)
Mariana Roter, Business Administration
Gina Salamanca, Education - Elememenatory, Combinsed BA-M.Ed.)
Nicole Saltzman, Psychology
Flavia Sanabia-Liranzo, Business Administration
Kathy Santos Lemus, Business - Accounting (Combined BS/MS)
Samantha Schiavo, School Counseling (M.Ed.)
Dayna Shatney, Business Administration
Nayeli Silva, Business Administration
Sandra Sin, Business Administration
Crystal Smith, Social Work
AnnaCarollina Souza, Sport & Movement Science / World Languages and Cultures
Victoria Sowle, Education Early Childhood (Combined BS-M.Ed.)
Jillian Sparks, Healthcare Studies
Steven Spurr, Business Administration
Victoria Squire, Social Work Advanced Standing (MSW)
William Statkiewicz, History (MA)
Panayota Strakus, Nursing
Taylor Stuart, Biology
Stephanie Suavita, Nursing
Jill Sulfaro, Higher Education in Student Affairs (M.Ed.)
Taylor Sullivan, Nursing
Aleah Tillotson, Education (CPS)
Vasiliki Tzortzis, Holocaust and Genocide Studies
Tanya Valente, Social Work (MSW)
Karen Velasco Duffy, Sport & Movement Science
Autumn Venable, Social Work (MSW)
Briana Ventura, Education - Elementary (Combined BS-M.Ed.)
Melanie Victoria, Social Work Advanced Standing (MSW)
Tony Wang, Economics / History
Peter Watts, Business Administration
Maddie Wood, Education
Krystina Yeager, History (MA)
Ashley Yebba, Sport & Movement Science
Elizabeth Zaiter, Criminal Justice
Alanna Zaldivar, Media & Communication

Mathew R Chetnik
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