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Ten Reasons to Attend Annual Job and Internship Fair

Between a busy class schedule, after-class activities and plans with friends, it's hard to keep the number one reason you're here within sight – to have a career you've always wanted.

With that in mind, Career Services is making your life easy by bringing over 100 hiring employers to campus! So whether you want to learn about different industries and employers or you're ready to take on the "real" world with your first big internship or career, be sure to stop by the annual Job and Internship Fair on Thursday, March 5. Still not convinced? Here are ten reasons to attend: 

  1. Networking Opportunities — Make connections with employers that can help you score a job down the line.
  2. Practice Your Schmoozin’ — Interact with employers and learn how to impress them so that you can nail a job interview/position.
  3. Scope Out Your Competition — Learn how to differentiate yourself from everyone else and put your best foot forward.
  4. Get Real Feedback from Employers — Learn what an employer really thinks about your resume so that you can improve and be prepared for future positions.
  5. Free Stuff — Oftentimes employers will give away free swag and candy.
  6. Practice Your Elevator Pitch — Learn how to perfect your 30-second pitch about yourself in order to get the most important information out to impress the recruiter.
  7. Get Your Foot in the Door — Gain a part-time internship and add that as work experience to build your resume.
  8. Save Time and Money It’s on campus, all the employers are in one place and it is free to attend!
  9. Wear That New Blazer — Dress to impress in your business attire style.
  10. Explore Your Industry- Learn about the versatile job opportunities in your specific field of study and major.

See which employers are attending this year's Job and Internship Fair and register today!

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