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Summer CTI CRAFT Course Redesign Initiative

$500 stipend and support as you update a course over the summer

Have you been looking for support in course redesign? Do you have a unit that you’ve been wanting to make more exciting or relevant for students?  Sign up for our Summer CRAFT Program: Course Redesign: Adapting and Fueling Transformation. Following the principles of Culturally Responsive Teaching and using the new book The Norton Guide to Equity-Minded Teaching, you'll some inclusive teaching principles and demonstrate them in the redesign of a single course unit.  

With a combination of readings, online modules, and peer and mentor feedback, you’ll learn to support your students in leveraging their strengths  and drawing from their experiences with pedagogy like community-engaged projects, authentic assessments, collaborative learning and cultural wealth. You’ll leave with a revised unit, as well as the skills to update other areas of your teaching. You’ll share your work with the SSU community, and be recognized for your work with a stipend from the CTI. 

Learn more and sign up by May 1, 2023

Faculty will receive: 

  • A copy of The Norton Guide to Equity-Minded Teaching

  • Access to asynchronous resources, case study examples, peer review and one-on-one support as they update their course.

  • A $500 stipend for completing all requirements

Faculty should plan to: 

  • Attend our May kickoff, Wednesday, May 24th 10:30 am-12 pm on campus in Marsh Hall. 
  • Plan a second, one-on-one consult with a faculty or staff mentor before July 31st
  • Work through Modules 1-4 of our course redesign Canvas course, which will include readings, case studies, peer review and application in your own course (schedule below). Plan on 2-5 hours per unit.
  • Submit revised unit materials, including goals, assessments, sample lesson plan and unit overview by August 31.

Interested in doing your redesign as a pair or group? Talk to us about a potential bonus for redesign on multi-section courses

Abigail Machson-Carter
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