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Student Voice: Eunice Nzuka

CIE, faculty help student from the Democratic Republic of Congo adjust to life in the US

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Eunice and I am from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I am a senior majoring in Economics major with a Business Administration minor. I think of myself as goal-driven, adventurous, and fun-loving. I have been at Salem State since 2018 and am the current president of the International Student Association as well as a general body member of the Asian Student Association, the student philanthropy club, the InterVarsity club, and DECA which is a student club for young entrepreneurs.  

What made you decide to study abroad and come to Salem State University?

I always wanted to study abroad after high school and but I chose SSU thanks to my brothers. I am actually the third member of my family to study at SSU and my younger brother is also studying here. My older brothers talked about the diversity of the SSU campus, the great leadership opportunities, and the variety of clubs and events that students could take part in. I and my younger brother are now both at Salem State and we are all proud to be a family of SSU Vikings!

How has Salem State helped you to achieve your future goals?

My professors and advisors have been a great source of inspiration and have helped me clarify my career goals. I have learned how to face many challenges and the experience has helped shape my character and confidence. My involvement in student organizations has taught me a lot about leadership, teamwork, and the importance of diverse viewpoints.

How do you find the Salem State community?

There are many students from campus that are from different parts of the world which is always interesting. Interacting with them has helped me learn about different cultures and backgrounds. The weekly International Coffee Hour at the Center for International Education has been a great platform to connect with more students on campus and become more open-minded about different viewpoints and ideas.

As the president of the International Student Association, I have also learned a lot about leadership and how organizations run. I have also been able to work on campus at the Student Navigation Center which has given me valuable work experience, a chance to help my fellow students on campus, and a way to help with my finances. 

Any final thoughts?

I would recommend Salem State University to any international student who wants a quality, affordable education in a beautiful, historic city near Boston. There are over 30 majors to choose from and faculty and staff are very helpful and supportive!  

Center for International Education
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