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Senior Profile: Jacqueline Chan Class of 2024

“We’re proud to highlight members of the Salem State Class of 2024! Today’s feature is Jackie Chan a business major with a concentration of marketing and a minor in dance.

What brought you to Salem State University?

I really enjoy how each class is relatively small, compared to large lecture classes we see in media. This allows for a better connection with not only the professors, but other students as well!

What has been one of your favorite classes that you have taken?

I enjoyed taking Hip Hop Technique with Mrs. Jojo! I also enjoyed my Digital Marketing course where our final project was creating a website!

What are some of your favorite things about living on campus?

I love going to on-campus events hosted by the school or other student organizations! I am a part of the Asian Student Association's executive board and have been for three years. I love hosting events and sharing my culture with the student body!

What classes or faculty members had the greatest impact on you?

The faculty members who had the greatest impact on me are Eduardo Valenzuela, who has been the Asian Student Association's club advisor since I started at SSU. Julia Lorello in the digital marketing department because I have learned a lot of skills and gained experience for my future career path while working as a student worker with the department. Also, my advisor Anuarg Jain, for helping me and supporting me since the beginning!

I also want to give my thanks to custodian Erika for her services and being so kind to me since my freshman year!

Was there a specific out-of-classroom learning experience that was especially significant to your career preparation?

Getting to work with Salem State University's digital marketing team.

What was one of your favorite moments at Salem State?

Helping with planning and hosting ASA's annual Lunar New Year in 2023. It was really fun to prepare, and I felt that it turned out great especially after three years of not having an in-person celebration!

What are some good habits you put in place for yourself in college?

Staying organized! I have my online calendar that connects to my phone calendar for my commitments for each day and then a physical planner for homework or other work-related assignments.

What are some things that new students should check out on campus or in Salem?

Sweet Boba in downtown Salem! Their bubble tea is great, and the owners are so sweet.

What do you wish you had known before starting college?

I wish I knew that college is not as hard as high school makes it out to be.

What advice do you have for prospective students looking at colleges?

Though it may seem intimidating, going out to things that you are interested in will be so worth it. You will be able to meet and connect with others that you have similarities with and you get to experience new things! College is a place to find not only yourself, but connections and friendships that will last a lifetime!

What is your favorite place to use your clippercard?

As of right now, vending machines!

What do you hope to do after graduation?

I hope to work in social media marketing!



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