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The School of Social Work mourns the loss of Sarah Gregory Smith, MSW '03

The Salem State School of Social Work mourns the loss of our alumna, Sarah Smith, MSW ‘03. As a friend said of her, " ...she lit up every room she entered."

She passed away in February of 2020 after leading a remarkable life characterized as one that was a “series of triumphs,” according to a close friend. Sarah became diabetic when she was eight years old and lost her vision when she was 30. At one point, she survived the sinking of a boat (she sailed with an audio compass) and later had a stroke at the age of 68.

Sarah relied on guide dogs (thought of as her human children) to help her find her way in the world. In fact, in 1994, to help publicize the school that trained and supplied her guide dogs (Guiding Eyes for the Blind), Sarah walked from Boston to New York! It took her 30 days. Best known for her music, often played with her husband across the North Shore, a fund has been established in her honor at the Kinhaven Music Camp.

This camp’s purpose is to help provide young persons with the same kind of joyous musical experience that opened the world of music to her as a young person. Donations should be sent to Kinhaven Music School, 354 Lawrence Hill Road, Weston, VT 05161. A Boston-area gathering will be held in April.

Elspeth Slayter
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