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Scholarship Recipient Finds Encouragement at Salem State

By Sara Ward

The small classroom size at Salem State makes it easier for Antonia Vinciarelli ’20 to stay engaged. It also makes it easier to develop close relationships with professors, something that has become a big part of her story at Salem State.

“My favorite thing about Salem State has by far been the professors,” Antonia said. “I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one  of my professors-- each one has truly been passionate about what they are teaching. I find it so inspiring, and it is so important for students to see that.”

Her experiences with encouraging professors led to her challenging herself with a double minor in biology and chemistry, in addition to her major in exercise science on the pre-rehabilitation track. She is a certified nursing assistant (CNA) at Beverly Hospital and is working toward becoming a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer.

“Each professor has been extremely encouraging of participation, and they have always made it clear that they want us to succeed,” Antonia said. “It makes all the difference when a student feels comfortable and feels like they actually have a chance [to succeed]  in the course.” 

This year, Antonia received the Mary C. Regnante Scholarship and the George A. Jacobson Scholarship Fund. These scholarships have helped Antonia gain access to many amazing opportunities at Salem State, including volunteer events at the Museum of Science in Boston. She is grateful for her entire experience here. 

“Scholarships have provided my family and I immense relief, allowing us to breathe easier” Antonia said. “The academics have challenged me to the best of my ability and the connections I have made here have been wonderful,” Antonia said.  “I have been provided so many opportunities  by being a student at Salem State, and I know I will have even more opportunities in the future by being a Salem State alum. I love academia, and I feel so honored that scholarships are the reason I have higher education at Salem State.”

As for the future, Antonia plans to apply to a physician assistant post-undergraduate program. Thanks to her exercise science major and double minor in biology and chemistry, she will have her prerequisites met and be able to apply easily.

“I am so thankful Salem State has prepared me so well.” 

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