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Salem State University Professor Kristine Doll, PhD, Receives Homer European Medal of Poetry and Art

Salem State University Professor Kristine Doll was awarded the Homer European Medal of Poetry and Art at the Yale Club in New York City on Friday, May 17.

Established in Brussels, Belgium in 2016 the Homer European Medal is a juried award celebrating artistry and literature for which Doll was awarded the Chamber of Medal.

Doll, who received her doctorate in Hispanic studies from Brown University, is one of five Americans to have received the Chamber of Medal and was nominated by poet, publisher and Homer Laureate winner Stanley H. Barkan for her distinguished services as an original poet and translator of Catalan and Spanish Poetry.

The world languages and cultures professor’s collection of original poetry publications as well as translation works is extensive and she has been published in eight countries, including Australia, Spain, and Romania.

Doll’s second book of poetry “The Light of Ordinary Days,” which showcases her recent poetry in English and several of her translation from Catalan, is in press. Her poem “My Friends,” which is included in this collection, was nominated for the American Pushcart Prize in Poetry.

“Visual arts and communicative arts allows us to express our emotions and explore our experiences; for me that is poetry and translation,” Doll said. “Through translation I’m giving another person’s voice a new audience.”

Learn more about Doll’s publications on the Salem State website. 

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