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Salem State University Launches Bachelor of Liberal Studies Major

This fall, Salem State University is launching a new, flexible academic major in liberal studies. The new major, which provides an interdisciplinary curriculum, is responsive to many student needs and allows for a degree completion option at Salem State. It will benefit traditional, transfer and adult learners looking to develop knowledge across a variety of academic areas and grow as creative and critical thinkers. The major is primarily designed to meet the needs of learners with some prior college credits or students who have changed majors and are seeking a pathway to integrate what they have learned and graduate on time. The major is offered by Salem State’s interdisciplinary studies department.

“As a department committed to equity and access, we are excited to add a major that will allow students to maximize prior coursework, creating a robust degree path designed to ease the journey to graduation for students who may have switched majors or taken courses in multiple academic areas,” said Elizabeth Duclos-Orsello, chairperson of the interdisciplinary studies department. “In the liberal studies major, students build 21st century skills of integration and synthesis across areas of academic inquiry, preparing them to succeed in a global world as they meet their personal and educational goals.”

The liberal studies major requires students to complete a foundational interdisciplinary studies methods and research course, complete a capstone research project  and work with a faculty advisor to cluster their additional courses around two or three academic areas or themes drawing on courses throughout the university.

“We look forward to teaching and mentoring students along their journeys to personal and professional success,” said Duclos-Orsello. “Our aim is to build creative and critical thinkers suited to lead and make change, with justice at the center in all sectors.”   

In addition to liberal studies, the university’s interdisciplinary studies department offers a major in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in American studies, peace and conflict studies, and a robust self-designed option.

For more information about the liberal studies major or Salem State’s department of interdisciplinary studies, please visit or contact Chair Duclos-Orsello at or 978.542.6354.

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