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Salem State Student Michaela Normand Wins Honors Thesis Competition

The 3 Minute Thesis, or 3MT, is an annual thesis presentation competition held at hundreds of colleges and universities across the globe. Typically, winners walk away with bragging rights, and prize money too.

Inspired by the concept, this year's senior seminar faculty — Professors Michele Louro, Kim Poitevin, and Jeff Theis — invited our students to face off in a friendly competition. Each section chose a finalist to face off against the others, and the students of the entire Commonwealth Honors Program voted on the best of all three sections. More than 40 people voted, and Michaela Normand's presentation, "Raising the Voices of Sex Workers," was chosen as the winner!

Michaela received $100 in Clipper Cash. Our other two finalists, Paige Canale and Eleanor Ofiesh, each received $25 prizes. Congratulations to all three for their fine work during the fall 2020 semester! 

Learn more about the Commonwealth Honors Program at Salem State.

Scott Nowka
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