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Salem State Faculty and Staff News: January 2023

Salem State University faculty and staff are educators, scholars, and leaders in their respective fields. Following are highlights and accolades celebrating the outstanding research and creative activities conducted by Salem State faculty and staff in January 2023. 

Professor Darlene Crone-Todd (psychology) was a featured guest on the podcast Sunday Coffee: Arts, Design & Architecture. Professor Crone-Todd discusses how the science of behavior can be applied in many different areas. Topics such as organizations, using positive behavior support, how to stick to New Year's resolutions, and more! Listen to the podcast here

Professor Laurie Dickstein-Fischer (secondary and higher education) and Professor Kristina Scott (childhood education and care) presented their research pertaining to Using Disney Films to Create Trauma-Informed Classrooms for students with Autism, at the Division of Autism and Developmental Disabilities Annual Conference in Clearwater, Florida. 

Professor Pamela Leong (sociology) authored Religion, Life, and Death: Untangling Fears and the Search for Coherence which was recently published by Routledge. The book explores college students' attitudes, concerns, and beliefs about death, and their perspectives on the place of religion in end-of-life issues. Focusing on death anxiety, suicide, mass homicide, the death of young children, and end-of-life rituals, the author highlights how religion is invoked to make sense of death, religion’s function as both a source of comfort and empowerment and a source of distress, as well as the perceptions of those who resist religion. 

Professor James Noonan (secondary and higher education) recently co-authored a research brief with Dr. Peter Piazza titled Accountability Systems and the Persistence of School Segregation: Research Evidence and Future Directions published by The National Coalition on School Diversity. The brief reviews evidence on educational accountability systems and the persistence of school segregation. Online events to promote and discuss the brief with experts and practitioners will be forthcoming. 

Professor John Passarini (sport and movement science) is featured in the recently published book “Great Teachers: Exploring Excellence in Education” authored by Kevin P. Bartram. The book is a professional development book for teachers and Passarini is featured in chapter four. In it, Bartram calls Passarini “a teacher from the heart.” 

Associate Dean Michelle Pierce (College of Arts and Sciences) was featured on WBUR’s “Radio Boston” with SSU senior Anna Luna and Amie Capodanno, early college coordinator for Salem High School. The guests discussed Salem State’s early college partnership with Salem High School, called the Forten Scholars program, and the benefits of early college. Listen to the segment here! 

Professor Tanya Rodrigue (English) co-authored Soundwriting: A Guide to Making Audio Projects. This textbook focuses on how to compose audio projects like podcast episodes and personal narratives. Drawing on rhetoric and writing studies and the authors’ experiences, this textbook teaches new and experienced soundwriters how to approach the world with a listening ear and body, determine a writing process, target an audience, use rhetorical tools like music and sound effects, and work in an audio editor. 

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