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Salem State Art + Design Student Spotlight: Ryan Coughlin '24

Harold T. and Alice M. McCarthy Memorial Scholarship Recipient

What do you study at Salem State?

I am an art + design major with a concentration in graphic design and a minor in marketing.

Why did you pick your major and what do you enjoy most about the program?

I picked my major because of my previous interest in the arts in high school. I was in AP studio art senior year and was pretty invested in pursuing something in the arts but didn't know what or where. That's where the art department at Salem State University came in. Every professor in the program has been incredibly helpful in guiding me to the career I want, and has helped me explore my options.


How has the McCarthy Scholarship changed your time at Salem State?

The McCarthy scholarship has completely transformed my college experience from what it could have been. A large amount of time has been freed up to focus on my course work and becoming a more well rounded person. On top of that, I am spared some of the stress of financial planning and worries about my future with the current state of the economy and inflation.

The freedom my scholarship has given me to dorm has created a lot of cherished moments. The friends I have met here and the time I have spent with them has continuously influenced who I am and probably who I will be.


Do you have any classes or projects that you are particularly excited about?

I am really enjoying my mixed media painting class right now. It is fun to branch out and mash materials together in unexpected ways. I have been to the hardware store much more than I expected this semester and it's been fulfilling.


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