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Salem State Alum and Professor Testify on Beacon Hill

Testimony Bill to Create a Permanent Commission on Children and Youth

Salem State alumna Senator Joan Lovely and Center for Childhood and Youth Studies Director Yvonne Vissing testified on July 28 at the Committee for Children, Families and Disabilities in support of Senate Bill 88, which is designed to create a permanent Commission on Children and Youth for the Commonwealth. 

Sponsored by Senator Lovely, the Commission would consist of representatives from government, professionals leading youth-oriented organizations, and youth under age 18. 

The bill was filed with the Committee on Children, Youth and Disabilities. Young people are one of the few population groups in the state that doesn't have official representation. According to the bill's supporters, the commission would be a step towards ensuring that their needs are met and that the views of young people are represented and heard by leaders and policy makers.  

Yvonne Vissing
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