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Remote work extended to May 4, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

As you know, Governor Charlie Baker has extended school closures until Monday, May 4. I agree that this action is needed as COVID-19 remains a significant threat. To reduce concerns about childcare during this time, while also allowing for extended social distancing, Salem State is extending remote work until May 4, 2020. This will also allow additional time for preparing for our return to campus.

I believe that transparency and communication are especially important in these unprecedented times. In addition to my virtual lunchtime webinar scheduled for Monday, April 6, my office will be setting up time with each department on campus so that I can update you and also hear about your experiences and concerns. Further, I’ve asked each member of senior leadership to also hold virtual office hours to expand access and transparency during this new world of remoteness. Not only do you have a need for information at this time, but these face-to-face conversations are another form of socialization from which we can all benefit.

As May 4 nears, our next challenge will be to craft a smooth transition back to campus. Please stay tuned for further communications. I know there have been many, but there is simply a lot to share. Thank you again for being creative and adaptive during this challenging time.


John D. Keenan

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