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Recognizing Crosby Society Donors

We proudly recognize Crosby Society members as key philanthropic leaders who share their loyalty and support to the university by carrying out Alpheus Crosby's legacy. By including Salem State in their wills and other estate plans, they have allowed the university to celebrate their legacy today.

Nursing Alumnae Help Future Frontline Heroes

Jayne Carvelli-Sheehan '78

During her time as a nursing student at Salem State, Jayne says she learned, grew and engaged in an environment that was just right for her. "I was able to connect with classmates and professors who helped me hone my leadership skills, which have aided me throughout my career."

To give other students the same opportunities for personal and professional growth, Jayne made a gift to the university through her estate plan. "This allows my contribution to be larger than what I'd normally be able to give," she explains. "Through estate planning, I can provide a significant amount of money that will have an impact for a long time. If you can't give in real-time, this is a fabulous way to endorse how you really feel about Salem State and show the passion that positively influenced your life."

Mary Sanford '77

"Salem State gave me my career and I need to give back," says Mary, whose planned gift will help current and future generations of Vikings. A nursing veteran of 34 years, Mary entered Salem State financially independent from her parents and worked to pay her way through college. She even took a semester off to earn more money.

Mary says of the constant stress she felt trying to balance academic rigor with earning a wage. "You can't miss a shift because you need the job, but you also need to study for an exam and retaking a class isn't an option," Mary earned her nursing degree because of her determination and thanks to scholarships from Salem State. Today, she is grateful that she can give back to students in need through a bequest.

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