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Recent Faculty and Staff News 2023

Salem State University faculty and staff are educators, scholars, and leaders in their respective fields. Following are highlights and accolades celebrating the outstanding research and creative activities conducted by Salem State faculty and staff. 


Professor Rebecca Hains (media and communication) is a contributing writer for “The Ultimate Guide to Barbie,” a special-issue magazine by Us Weekly/A360 media. In her piece, “An Unlikely Feminist Icon,” Professor Hains explains that over the years, some of Mattel’s fiercest critics have been feminist moms. She shares her research on how, within the last decade, Mattel made strategic marketing changes to appeal to those moms — gaining credibility as a feminist, progressive brand. Learn more about "The Ultimate Guide to Barbie". 

Professor Tess Killpack (biology) contributed a module to the free online “Inclusive Teaching” course that was recently launched by HHMI Biointeractive and Science Education and Society (SEAS) program. The course includes the work of scholars and artists to encourage educators to think more deeply about how our shared humanity is fundamental to education. View the course trailer. 

Dr. Elspeth Slayter (social work) was appointed as Chair of the Provincetown Disability Commission, tasked with advocating for disability access and inclusion. This builds on Dr. Slayter's history of econometric disability services research. Dr. Slayter identifies as a member of the disability community. 

Rebecca Hains (MCO) was an advisory board member for the newest American Girl book, “Meet Isabel and Nicki.” Set on the cusp of Y2K, the book’s major theme is girl power. As the author of several scholarly works girl power’s history and how girls negotiated the concept, including the book “Growing Up With Girl Power: Girlhood on Screen and in Everyday Life,” Hains supported the publication team in the project’s pedagogical goals and historical accuracy. 

Binneh Minteh (criminal justice) recently had a chapter published in a book titled Communicating Global Crisis: Media, War, Climate and Politics. That book chapter is titled Chapter 14: Cybercrime, Cyberterrorism, and Information Warfare – Threats to Democracy, Governance and National Security


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