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Professor Noel Healy joins the Global Center For Climate Justice as Research Fellow

Professor Noel Healy (SSU Geography and Sustainability Department) has accepted an invitation to become a Research Fellow with the Global Center For Climate Justice. The center operates as a nonprofit multidisciplinary research and networking think-tank headquartered in Boston.

Professor Healy will join a host of internationally renowned scholars and scholar-activists in advancing the centers goals for more transformative politics that addresses the root causes of the climate crisis.

Specifically, Professor Healy will be working with the center's newly launched Green New Deal Cities Hub which aims to provide practical and justice-orientated policy, programs, and toolkits created for a growing network of Green New Deal coalitions across the US and worldwide.

Professor Healy’s most recent publication on the Green New Deal has now been downloaded over 50,000 across all platforms. Many national media outlets have also reported on their findings (“We can afford a Green New Deal”/ The Green New Deal Is More Relevant Than Ever).

Professor Healy stated, “I’m delighted to be joining a cohort of brilliant academics and scholar-activists who are working together to create transformative policies and practices for an equitable, healthy and fossil-free future.”

Noel Healy
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