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Professor Darlene Crone-Todd Publications Highlighted as Operants' Articles of the Quarter!

Interview with the Center for Research and Creative Activities

Operants Magazine, a quarterly publication by the B.F. Skinner Foundation based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, recently highlighted three of Salem State psychology Professor Darlene Crone-Todd’s articles as the Operants' Articles of the Quarter. The organization promotes the science of B.F. Skinner and supports “better behavioral science practices for a more humane world.”

The goal in highlighting the articles was to allow readers the chance to send in their questions about her work, and then Professor Crone-Todd will provide answers in a video interview that will be available to Operant’s readers in January 2022.

Professor Crone-Todd says that she first became involved with the magazine several years ago when one of their members visited SSU and interviewed both her and Professor Carlos Aparicio about the Behavior Analysis program at Salem State. Professor Crone-Todd kept in touch with the organization and was later asked to submit works surrounding her use of science fiction in her behavioral analysis research courses. (She has also published other articles related to terminology in the field in Operants.)

The first of these articles is titled “Examples of Using Pop Culture to Teach Undergraduates” and discusses vampires and “probabilism.” The second article is titled “Zombies and Clever Ways to Avoid Them,” and the third is, “Spotlight on Gaslighting: A Behavior Analysis of Unethical Behavior and discussed gaslighting.” The first two articles relate directly to science fiction and fantasy genres, and the third one to the larger issue of gaslighting between individuals or within organizations, as popularized in movies and in current culture.

The articles are based on her experience using pop culture references in her classes to explain “principles, concepts, or processes being covered in the course.” After implementing this practice for the first time, Professor Crone-Todd found her students did “the best of any class ever” on the midterm and final exams. Since then, she has given many talks about the subject, as well as presented at academic conferences on her research. The articles have been reprinted in Operants Magazine and can be viewed here.

Professor Crone-Todd says “it is a great honor” to have her work highlighted in such a way and is looking forward to filming the video to answer any readers’ questions. Her main goal is to help people understand behavior in a scientific way that can help lead to a better tomorrow. Also, she says, avoiding vampires, zombies, and gaslighters is part of that equation. 

Congratulations Professor Crone-Todd!


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