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Nurturing a Future Through Experience

Anthony Flores '22 on his Bertolon Internship Experiences

“If it wasn’t for my advisors, family, and donors, I wouldn’t be where I am today” says Anthony Flores ‘22. Anthony is a recent graduate from the Bertolon School of Business and was part of the Bertolon School of Business Internship Program. This program provided faculty and staff support through the internship process as well as a stipend to alleviate the financial stress of participating in an internship.  

With this support, Anthony was able to start an internship with David Zeller of David E. Zeller Insurance Agency. Anthony needed an internship, but the company needed someone with marketing experience. The internship has become symbiotic- both Anthony and David learning and growing from each other. This has aided in growing confidence in Anthony’s identity as an employee, student and person.

Anthony’s confidence is seen through his work and demeanor, which are recognized by his supervisor, David Zeller. “Anthony has all the basic qualities to become a self-made millionaire. With a little polish and a lot more experience, he will be a super-star at whatever field of endeavor he settles into. His best qualities are his sincerity, honesty, intensity, and his internal competitive drive to be the best he can be!” 

Not only has the Bertolon School of Business Internship Program advanced Anthony’s professional skills and confidence, but it has also helped his family. Since graduating, Anthony has landed a full-time position with Enterprise. “I’ve been able to help my mom pay the bills, something I never thought I could do.” Anthony’s mother and younger sister serve as a source of motivation for Anthony.

“My sister was born in my first year here at Salem State. I like to think that everything happens for a reason” says Anthony, “I just hope I can be a good man for her.”

Don White
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