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New Publications from Professor Lisa Delissio and Lab Technician Scott Weston

Two members of our Biology Department have recently published their scholarly works. Congratulations!

  • Biology Professor Lisa Delissio, with co-author Lindsay Hall, recently published "Charlotte Nichols Saunders Horner, trailblazing botanist" to share the life story of this influential 19th century scientist, business owner, teacher, mentor, suffragist, daughter, sister, wife, and friend. Find the Pre-print PDF for download on ResearchGate.
  • Biology Lab Technician Scott Weston, with co-author Jim Wright, has published The Screech Owl Companion: Everything you need to know about these beneficial raptors. The book, set for release in October 2023, shares engaging information about these amazing birds and provides tips on how to set up nest boxes to host them in your yard. For more information see the book publisher's website.
Tess L Killpack
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