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Mexico 7.6 Magnitude Earthquake detected by Newly installed SSU seismic station

In the summer of 2022, Prof. Sara Mana, in collaboration with colleague Prof. Vadim Levin from Rutgers University, installed a continuously recording three-component broadband digital seismograph. This instrument consists of a sensor in direct contact with the ground recording Earth’s vibrations, and it is designed to record various aspects of ground motion from local, regional, and distant events, which are necessary for the timely and routine analysis of recorded earthquakes.

On September 19, 2022, a magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck southwestern Mexico, killing one person, prompting evacuations, and causing buildings to sway in Mexico City. The instrument at SSU picked up the ground shaking that resulted from this event. P- and S-wave arrival times obtained here can be used to learn about the earthquake's location and the properties of the rocks the waves traveled through.

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Sara Mana
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