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Lifting Up Our Community

Coming together in response to the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has tremendously impacted the economic status of our already vulnerable student population. Salem State quickly focused its fundraising efforts toward the Student Emergency Fund as an outlet for alumni and community members to donate to the students who need it the most, collectively raising $162,713.13 for the fund.

"This support has taken a huge weight off my shoulders,” says Elyssa '21, a psychology major from Essex, Mass. "It also allowed me to help my grandmother when she had no one else to turn to. It means the world to me that the Salem State community cares about its students and is doing everything in its power to help. I don't know what I would have done without SSU."

"I think students were not expecting emergency financial assistance from SSU and they have been very grateful and appreciative that the campus community has responded in this way," says Rachel Frank, a case manager in the student life office. "We continue to see students who are struggling to pay for rent, food and other necessities; it's a huge relief for them to have access to our emergency fund and to know that SSU wants to help them through this."

Donor Relations
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