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“It all comes from a place of gratitude.”

John C. Pastore Jr. ’94 graduated with a degree in business management and went on to build a career at Integrated Financial Partners, a Boston-based wealth management firm. Since graduation, John continued to stay active and engaged in his alma mater by serving on the alumni association board, the Bertolon School of Business advisory board and as former president of the university’s foundation board of directors.

Education, John says, is a powerful tool to help people overcome social challenges. The Salem State Series provided him with valuable networking opportunities, which he credits with helping him launch his career.

“I wouldn’t be where I am without Salem State, and I’m always proud to share that.”

Faculty members like Professor Morton “Mort” Ettinger and his wife Charlotte instilled lessons that went beyond the classroom.

“Professor Ettinger taught me so much,” John says. “He was a teacher, but also a practitioner. He took me to the store and bought me my first suit. He taught me so many ‘soft skills’—how to shake someone’s hand, how to conduct a business meeting.”

John also credits a lot of his success to dedicated, long-serving Salem State staff members Cynthia McGurren ‘83, former executive director of the Salem State University Foundation, Inc., and Stan Cahill, former member of the foundation and executive vice president of administration and risk management.

A college education like the one he received at Salem State, he believes, should be within reach for everyone.

“People always forget that we only get 37 percent of our funding from the state,” he points out. “Every time that we have a student or their family dip into their pockets, we restrict more people from that dream of education.”

As a financial advisor, John believes that becoming a member of the Crosby Society and creating a legacy to support Salem State’s future is a solid investment. He’s confident about the university’s direction and leadership, and excited to see the campus continue to grow and expand.

“I want my money to go to something that I trust, love and believe in, something that I want to foster and support,” he says. And he hopes that support from alumni like him encourages a new generation of Salem State students as they work to achieve their dreams.

“I want the students to know that somebody’s out there who cares, who maybe walked in their same shoes.” 

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