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Introducing the New SSU Vikings Sports Podcast

An inside view into athletics at Salem State University

Under the guidance of Salem State Sport and Movement Science Professor KC Bloom and with the cooperation of the Salem State Athletics Department, student-athletes Erik Larsson and Keagan O'Donoghue have created and launched a new podcast: SSU Vikings Sports: An Insiders View into Athletics at Salem State

As the marquis project in “Sport and Movement Science 400 Special Topics: Communicating the Message,” O'Donoghue and Larsson learned communication and interview techniques as well as how to record, launch, and produce podcasts. The goal of the podcast is to increase the visibility of Salem State sports as well as to build community. The first episode is currently available while others will be released in the coming weeks. Erik and Keagan will continue their work in the fall.

The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Buzzsprout. Learn more!

KC Bloom
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