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International Student Reflection: Sario Freitas

Why did you choose Salem State University for both ESL and undergraduate?

I'm from Portugal and I'm currently majoring in business and administration at Salem State. I came to the US in 2013 to attend the ESL program. I chose Salem Sate mainly because of the location and the tuition. My original plan was to stay only one year so I could learn the language and improve my resume. However, after I started the ESL program I realized that one semester was not enough to fully acquire the language or at least I did not feel sufficiently confident to attend regular courses after 4 months of being here. I spent the entire year in the ESL program and then I started taking regular courses of my bachelor's degree. In my original plan, I intended to take only a few courses and have them transferred to my country and finish there. Then I had the opportunity to get the degree in both countries. Thus, I could enhance my proficiency when it comes to speaking English and graduate in both countries.

What has surprised you about Salem State?

One of the things that surprised me the most was the diversity felt in Salem State. I have enjoyed socializing with people from all over the world with different cultures and backgrounds. It really enriches our journey and the knowledge and wisdom we gain derived from this awesome socialization is priceless. While there is a lack of diversity in the universities in my country, and Salem State is actually known for its diverse panel of students which is formidable and, indeed, inspiring.

Has there been a memorable class or professor you've had while at SSU?

Salem State has an eclectic group of professors. In the ESL program I had a chance to be more connected to the professors for various reasons, such as time spent with them, the dynamism applied in classes and the atmosphere of classes. I have great memories of that time mainly for the indestructible friendships I was able to make regardless of the distance that may there be between us currently. I will always remember of them as spectacular professors who are extremely dedicated to their students. 

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