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How Are You? A Message to Students from Dean Panzella

Dear Viking Student,

Amid the dizzying updates and information shared about the impact of COVID-19, I think it’s time we slow down and ask a simple question—how are you doing?

Much of the information you have been given has been focused on logistics and getting answers to immediate questions you and your peers have posed. Although this is very important, I also want you to know that we are thinking about you, missing you and hoping each of you are well.

For many, this transition has been difficult. You may be worried about you and your loved one’s health, your job, and your education. On Monday, March 30 classes start back up online. Learning online, while isolated at home might be challenging for you, for many reasons. Quite simply—we are still here to help. You might not be on campus right now, but you are not alone.   

A staff person from Salem State will be reaching out to you next week to see how you are doing. They are prepared to offer resources and refer you to others at the university who are waiting to assist you with challenges that may be keeping you from being successful, academically and otherwise. I encourage you to share with them the areas you feel confident about as well as the areas causing you concern as we move to remote instruction.

We are all learning a little bit more about ourselves in this challenging transition. It is my hope that you do not lose sight of why you started this journey—stay the course. You are strong. You are resilient. Let’s work together, weather this together and move forward with confidence towards your personal and academic success.

Tell us what you need via the Navigate app

Please download the free Navigate Student app available in the Apple Store or Google Play. Use your Salem State username and password to log on. The university staff will be deploying quick polls via Navigate to gauge just what you need. We will also use this tool to set up an opportunity for each of you to check in with a university staff member virtually.  

Note to the graduating students

As the dean of students, it is one of my great pleasures to hear your name called and see you cross the stage at commencement. I realize your last semester of college was not as you anticipated—not even close. However, we will celebrate your success. You worked too hard and too long for us not to gather as a Viking family to rejoice in your immense accomplishment. Once we establish the new date of your commencement, I will count down the days on my calendar to see you in person as you cross that stage! 

Most sincerely,

Carla Panzella, PhD
Associate Vice President and Dean of Students

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