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Halloween Reminders from Student Life and University Police

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Dear Students,

A large part of the reason we love Salem State University is because we also love the City of Salem, especially in October. Hopefully, you have been able to take advantage of some of the great events on and off campus that this season has to offer.

This October, the City of Salem is experiencing an extremely high volume of tourists celebrating the Halloween season. Please plan and give yourself extra time to get in and out of the city this week.

While you are encouraged to visit the historic downtown area and enjoy everything that Salem has to offer, we would like you to be mindful of the way you conduct yourself as a Salem State University student and a member of the Salem Community. Please practice moderation, and keep in mind the following details about your safety and appropriate behavior that will help our community safe during a very busy time:

On Halloween, Tuesday, October 31, the campus is open and day classes will be held on schedule. Also be aware that some offices will be closing early such as: Gassett Fitness Center and the Ellison Campus Center close at 4:30 pm, but offices will remain open until 5 pm remotely.

1. Residence Life Halloween Policies: It is recommended that residents review the “October Policy Reminders” email sent to each resident on September 30. This email detailed guest and visitor polices, costumes and toy weapons, and decorations. For all other questions, residents can email

2. On or Off Campus Conduct: Remember that you represent yourself and Salem State wherever you are whether on campus, off campus, or online. Your behavioral responsibilities are contained in the Student Conduct Code, which can be found at

3. Costumes: Absolutely NO weapons, real or fake, permitted. Halloween costumes are often an imitation, fantasy and different from who we are in real life. Additionally, while preparing your costumes, we only ask that you resist a costume that degrades, or disrespects others based on their identity or current personal situation.

4. Fireworks on October 31: Fireworks are from 10:15 pm to 10:30 pm and everything concludes after that. Police will start clearing the streets at 10:30 pm so that gives our community an hour before the last bus. Note: The 12-passenger student shuttle (Viking Van) will not be running.

Living in a community means caring about those around you. This includes paying attention to your noise level and behavior particularly for those students living off campus and students walking through the neighborhoods adjacent to campus. Also, if you see something that makes you worry about the safety of others, say something. Vikings care about one another by being a good bystander and intervening or getting assistance if a fellow Viking is in a tough situation.

University police, student life and the City of Salem Police maintain a close working relationship and partnership to assist students with safety concerns and to limit disturbances. Reports from the Salem PD involving Salem State students are forwarded to the community standards office at the university for review. Students are called to a conduct hearing if it is believed that they have violated the university’s Student Conduct Code. Please know that your behavior is held to the same standard on and off campus.

Salem State University, as an integral part of the greater Salem community, is committed to maintaining a positive reputation as a good neighbor. As a member and representative of the University, we ask you to respect your neighbors and embrace the neighborhood in which you reside. Enjoy all the city has to offer and best wishes for a safe and productive year.


Shawn A. Newton
Associate Vice President and Dean of Students

Richard Riggs
Interim Assistant Vice President and Chief of Police

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