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Faculty and Staff News: December 2022

Salem State University faculty and staff are educators, scholars, and leaders in their respective fields. Following are highlights and accolades celebrating the outstanding research and creative activities conducted by Salem State faculty and staff in December 2022. 

Professor Jessica Barnett (media and communication) is a founder of The Marblehead Current, a nonprofit community newspaper whose motto is "news for people, not for profit." The paper fills a void created by the Marblehead Reporter's pivot from local to regional news. The paper is published online and is distributed for free in print on Wednesdays to all households and businesses in Marblehead.  

 Professor Anne-Marie Hakstian (management) and Professor Sophie Evett (psychology) co-authored the article “Racial diversity and group decision-making in a mock jury experiment” recently published in the Journal of Empirical Legal Studies. In this journal article the authors report on their research findings in which they examined whether the racial composition of a jury impacts the outcome and deliberation in a civil retail discrimination lawsuit. 

Professor Janet Neely (theatre and speech communication) examines integrating emotional intelligence into college acting training in her article “Dealing with the Feels: Demystifying Emotions in Acting Classes with Emotional Intelligence” that was recently published in HowlRound Theatre Commons.  

Professor Keith Ratner (geography and sustainability) recently signed a contract with the National Center for Intermodal Transportation to study Planning and Land Use Regulation at Large American Freight Ports. The research project will focus on the ports of Tacoma, Washington, Oakland, California and Boston, Massachusetts. 


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