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Cassandra Joy Soffron ‘18 Returns to Salem State as Nurse Practitioner

Salem State biology alumni and faculty recently reflected on their journeys. 

My name is Cassandra Joy Soffron and I am a Salem State University Biology alumnus, and I am now a nurse practitioner. 

I graduated from SSU Summa Cum Laude in May 2018 with my Bachelor of Science in Biology, concentration in biomedical sciences with minors in chemistry, physics, and music. 

While at SSU, I kept busy working on campus as a biochemistry laboratory supplemental instructor, resident assistant, academic mentor, volunteer at NSMC Salem emergency department, and was president of Gamma Sigma Epsilon which is SSU’s honors chemistry society. During three summer breaks and one winter break, I worked at New England Biolabs as a student in both the research and application/product development departments.

During my senior year, I wrote my Commonwealth Honors thesis with Dr. Pariser, which was entitled “Music to our ears: cochlear hair cell action upon human perception of music”.  My thesis incorporated my passions for biology, physics/fluid dynamics, and music.  SSU offered me so many opportunities to grow as a student and a person, and during those 4 years I met amazing study-buddies, friends, and professors who I still enjoy connecting with and learning from.

During my undergraduate studies, I knew I wanted to segue into the medical field.  I decided becoming a nurse practitioner would be the best fit for me, and continued on to study at Boston College in the Master of Science accelerated nurse practitioner program from August 2018 to May 2020. Throughout my clinical experiences I discovered that I enjoyed the visits spent with younger individuals and decided to search for jobs in college health.  So many changes happen during college, emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally... you name it.  I knew I wanted to be a supportive and welcoming healthcare provider to individuals going through the challenges of young adulthood.  My very first instinct was to see if SSU was hiring, and was thrilled when there was an open position.  I enjoyed my time at SSU as a student so much and felt this was the perfect opportunity to give back to campus while also growing as a professional.  I am now a nurse practitioner at Counseling and Health Services and am honored to be part of this incredible SSU community once again.

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