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Council on Teaching and Learning


Council on Teaching and Learning

The Council on Teaching and Learning is a fully faculty driven initiative that connects faculty with mentors, coordinates book readings and provides avenues for open discussions about teaching, learning and service to the community. 

Funded by the vice president of academic affairs, the council has been in existence since 1996 the group originally had eight members. Since that time, the membership has been expanded to ten appointments.

Mission Statement

The Council on Teaching and Learning is committed to recognizing and fostering excellence in teaching at Salem State University. The council works to provide professional development opportunities that improve teaching effectiveness, promote student centered learning, and encourage innovation in the classroom. Drawing on the diverse expertise within and beyond the campus community, the council provides multiple forums for dialog and interaction supporting the continuous improvement of teaching and learning.


Pearls and Perils: an all-day conference for faculty, staff, and administrators on teaching and learning issues

Workshops- presentations and discussions on assigned topics relative to teaching and learning, generally led by experts within the Salem State community

Reading Circles:  small group discussions of assigned books about teaching and learning

Summer Grants: provides support to faculty and librarians in developing and testing pedagogical projects aimed at improving teaching and learning

Mentor Program: an opportunity for first-year faculty to be mentored one-on-one by experienced faculty members outside their departments


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