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Claims Information


Neighbor Claims

Salem State University routinely undertakes small, medium and/or large construction projects each year to maintain and update its campus infrastructure. Any abutter to Salem State University that believes they have experienced impacts to their property due to construction undertaken on Salem State property may file a claim as follows:

  1. Mail or email a description of the impact and the times and dates(s) to university c/o Adria Duijvesteijn (contact information below). Please be as specific as possible since the university may have multiple projects on-going. Include your name, mailing address, address of property impacted (if different from mailing address), and preferred method of communication (phone, letter, email).

    All claims must be in writing and sent to the university contact Ms. Duijvesteijn. 

  2. The university will confirm receipt of the claim in writing. If you do not receive a written confirmation within 10 business days please contact Ms. Duijvesteijn to confirm she received your claim. 
  3. The university will submit the written claim immediately and directly to the contractor or its designee, with a copy to the funding authority (if applicable). 
  4. The contractor or its designee will contact you within 5 business days of receiving the claim from the university to discuss your claim. 
  5. The contractor or its designee will review your claimed impacts and issue a finding to you and copy the university.

Contact Us

Adria Duijvesteijn
Director of External Affairs
Salem State University 
352 Lafayette Street
Salem, MA 01970


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